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PPS Announces the Release of New GPM Data Products Level 1-Level 3 NOAA20_ATMS

PPS is announcing the availability of the new NOAA20_ATMS products which will be available starting today, Tuesday September 04, 2018

The NOAA20_ATMS data range starts with November 29, 2017 and will be processed to the current date.  November/December 2017 products will be available this afternoon.

The corresponding PPS TKIO to be used with this data is tkio 3.80.26:

GPM Sees Tropical Cyclone Jebi Threaten Japan

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GPM Sees Tropical Cyclone Jebi Threaten Japan

Japan has been afflicted by several tropical cyclones and other extreme weather this summer. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) predicts that yet another typhoon called JEBI will be approaching the main islands of Japan early next week. Warm ocean temperatures and low vertical wind shear are providing a favorable environment for JEBI's intensification. The JTWC predicts that the typhoon will have peak sustained winds of 115 kts (132 mph) as it moves over the northern Pacific Ocean toward Japan next week.

IMERG Real Time IR Outage

For the period 03Z August 21 to 16Z August 22, the IMERG real time system experienced an outage of CPC 4-km IR data.  Despite the outage, IMERG EARLY and LATE products continued to be produced but users should be aware that the quality of these products during this period may be suspect and should be used judiciously.  Furthermore, the products for the first few hours after the outage are less than optimal due to IMERG restart but should be acceptable for most users.

Detailed Impacts:


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