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PPS is releasing GPM V05 DPR L1-L3 and Combined L2 and L3 V05 data products  today, Wednesday May 17, 2017. This V05 data will be available beginning with May 01, 2017 data and forward. The DPR Level 3 monthly products will be released when validated.

Reprocessed V05 DPR and Combined data for March 2014 through April 2017 will take several weeks to complete. This data will appear in PPS's arthurhou archive as we reprocess (6 to 8 weeks - estimated completion time).

Registered users can obtain data from:
and can order this through STORM:

GPM V05 release notes and other important documents for version 5 products can be found at:
PPS Public Website Home:

PPS Toolkit TKIO version 3.80.26 should be used to read the GPM V05 products. This latest version of TKIO is also backwards compatible with GPM Version 04 product formats. TKIO 3.80.26 and associated documentation is available from:

Please contact us for any questions.


Effective approximately 04:00 UTC, 9 May 2017 the near-realtime swath products (GMI, partner constellation, radar and combined) will be upgraded from V04 to V05. 

During the conversion the latency of near-realtime will be affected as all the new code and support files need to be modified to carry out this upgrade. We hope this will take no more than 2 hours but can not guarantee it might not be longer.

We will start with the upgrade of radar products, followed as quickly as possible by GMI and then the partner constellation products. We are starting with the radar as this requires close coordination with JAXA and the arrival of the first L1B Ku and Ka V05A products from JAXA will actually initiate the conversion activities.

The format for most products has remained substantially the same. HOWEVER, the GPROF precipitation Level 2 products for GMI and the partner constellation radiometers has substantially changed. Existing programs reading the GPROF products will likely no longer work. File specifications can be retrieved from 

IMERG will remain at V04 but will be changed from V04A to V04B. This is to indicate that the input products have changed. During the upgrade IMERG will not be available until completion of the upgrade and certification by the IMERG algorithm team that the product is correct. This certification process may take some time and until the product is certified, it will NOT be available.

There are no format changes in IMERG. However, there might be a slight differences in the precipitation values. 

The PPS I/O toolkit used from V05 will be 3.80.26.
V05 release notes (caveats for use) are available in /NRTPUB/V5ReleaseInfo directory on

Please contact us for questions.


The GPM project has reprocessed all the original NRT IMERG data both EARLY and LATE to product version V04A.  In addition, this reprocessing brought the IMERG  dataset back to the beginning of the GPM mission in March 2014.  The original NRT IMERG started its processing in March of 2015.

Currently only the HDF5 products have been reprocessed to V04A.  The TIFF/TFW versions will also be reprocessed but this will take a while longer.

The V04 products are located in the directories early/YYYYMM and late/YYYYMM respectively. A subdirectory V03 has been created within those directories and the V03 data was moved into the subdirectory.


The Precipitation Processing System has begun the transition to GPM Version 5 products.

The satellite observations made in April 2017 will be the last observations to be included in Version 4 of the GPM data products, with one exception. Starting with observations made in May 2017, PPS will generate Version 5 GPM data products, again with one exception.  The exception in both cases is that  the PPS Realtime system will continue to generate the Version 4 Early and Late IMERG data products.  Version 4 data products have been removed from the STORM data ordering system ( to make room for Version 5 data products).  Version 4 data products,  however, will continue to be available for download from the GPM's "arthurhou" FTP archive or from the "jsimpson" FTP archive in the case of Early and Late IMERG.

GPM V04 standing orders and stand-alone orders will be processed and distributed through April 30th, 2017. Starting with data date May 1, 2017 all products will be produced as V05. With the start of V05 processing the V04 data will only be accessible from the arthurhou FTP archives ( As V05 products become available later this month, they will appear in STORM and on "arthurhou".

The PPS Toolkit for GPM V05 products is tkio-3.80.26 and is also backwards compatible with V04 products.

On Tuesday May 02, 2017, PPS will complete GPM and Partner V04 products. All GPM and Partner V04 products will be processed through data date April 30, 2017 with the exception of the following:

  • IMERG Final Run V04, which is still in production, will end with data date Feb 28, 2017.
  • IMERG Early and Late Run will continue to be produced as V04, using V05 GPM inputs. 
  • -L2-L3 GPROF Climatology products will end with data date Jan 30, 2017.

PPS will reprocess the entire mission as V05 starting with March 2014 data. All users should transition to the improved V05 products to ensure that they are using the latest algorithms.

All V05 data products will be held until they have been reviewed and verified by the Science Team. GPM V05 Products will be announced and released to the public upon their approval.

Users with standing orders will experience an interruption in data delivery as we make our transition to GPM and partner V05 production.

GPM V05 release notes and other documentation will be available through our ftp archives and the PPS public website prior to the public release. We will include this information in a future announcement.

Please contact us if you have any concerns, comments or questions.

Thank you for your patience during this transition.


During the initial setup up for V04 IMERG, an error was made in the configuration for running the EARLY version of IMERG. This affected the V04A early data from Feb 5 - March 12, 2017. 

This error caused the early and the late products to be identical. Given that the LATE product is the more accurate product this might not be an issue for many users. However, users who need a consistent approach in the early data will need to download IMERG early Feb 5-March 12, 2017 again.

On  April 12, 2017 at about 16:55 UTC Feb 5-Feb 28, 2017 files have been rerun and are available from their usual location on Both the standard HDF5 IMERG products and their derived GIS TIFF/TFW have been rerun and are available for this period.

The March 1-12, 2017 will take another week or so to re-run.

Please contact us for any questions.


PPS is announcing the release of GPM IMERG V04 Final products today, Wednesday March 22, 2017.  Version 04 IMERG data is available on PPS's arthurhou ftp archive for the dates of March 2014 - July 2015. Processing will continue over the next several weeks until the data has been made available up to the present.

This data can be found at: 

Individual data orders, subsets or subscription orders can also be set up through PPS's STORM:

Release notes and ATBD documentation for IMERG V04 can be found at:

Version 04 supersedes all prior IMERG versions, and users are urged to utilize the new V04 datasets as soon as practical.

More Documentation and information can be found here:

Main Web Page:

Thank you for your kind attention. 

Please inform the PPS Helpdesk if you have any questions, concerns or comments:


PPS received replacement GPM Ka/Ku L1B products from JAXA and will reprocess the affected data. If you have already obtained products with orbit #17356 from our archive or through a standing order, etc., please discard and use the replacement products.

PPS has replaced the following GPM Ka/Ku L1B data:



PPS will reprocess these affected downstream products shortly.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 


On the afternoon of March 16, one of the TDRSS data relay satellites went into safe hold. This has reduced the relay satellites available for downloading the data from the GPM core satellite to the ground station at White Sands, NM.  It means that times between download contacts have increased.

No data is lost but data latency has been greatly affected for the GPM near-realtime core satellite products: GMI and DPR. We understand that this increase in latency will be the norm for the next couple of days.  There are NO issues with the GPM core satellite or its sensors. Also there are NO issues with the GPM ground system, data system, or network. 

When the TDRSS satellite situation is rectified the NRT latencies will return to normal.

Please contact us for any questions. 


The algorithm for the Integrated Multi-satellitE Retrievals for GPM (IMERG) Early and Late Runs has now been upgraded to Version 04.  The transition to V04 began at 15 UTC on March 13 and both the early and the late products were back to their target latency by 01:00 UTC, March 14.

The transition took longer than planned but the core IMERG version 04 products are now running automatically as the original V03. The product version is V04A and you will see this in the name of the IMERG HDF5 products. 

For IMERG late the V03 products have remained before February 05, 2017. For IMERG early V03 products remain before March 12 hour 14. 

The GIS friendly TIFF/TFW late products are available from Feb 5, hour 00 through Feb 28, hour 23.  We are in the process of catching up to ensure that TIFF/TFW late products are at V04 for the entire period of Feb 5, hour 00 to the current time. This will take several more days.  

IMERG GIS early TIFF/TFW are available in V04 from March 12 hours 16:00 forward. During the next week we will work on creating TIFF/TFW early products at V04.

Version 04 supersedes all prior IMERG versions, and users are urged to shift to the new datasets as soon as practical.

Release notes and other documentation for IMERG V04 are available on the NRT ftp site:  in the directory: /NRTPUB/documentation.

Please contact us for any questions regarding this transition. 


The algorithm for the Integrated Multi-satellitE Retrievals for GPM (IMERG) Early and Late Runs has now been upgraded to Version 04.  The transition to V04 is planned to happen on Monday, March 13 by 15 UTC at PPS and the new data should start flowing down to the GES DISC as well. 

Access and data fields continue to be the same as for Version 03, except the version number is 04A. Initially, the data records begin on 5 February 2017 for the Late Run, and about 5 hours before the time when PPS begins processing after the switchover for the Early Run.

Version 04 supersedes all prior IMERG versions, and users are urged to shift to the new datasets as soon as practical.

The TIFF/TFW version of IMERG and all its accumulations will also be transitioned to use the V04 IMERG product.

Release notes and other documentation for IMERG V04  will be available on the NRT ftp site in the directory:

Please contact us for any questions regarding this transition.