Using the PPS FTP

Use of the PPS FTP to download GPM and TRMM data is free, but you are required to first register your email address. This allows the PPS to track usage statistics and send useful messages about the satellite and data availability. Once you have registered and verified your email address, return to this page to continue to the FTP to download data. 

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Important Notes:

  • Once registered, your email address will serve as both your username AND password for logging into the FTP site. Email addresses are converted to lower case when registering, so please enter your username and password in lowercase as well.
  • If you need access to the near-realtime (NRT) GPM files on, please be sure to check the box labelled "Near-Realtime Products". Otherwise you will be unable to log in to the NRT FTP server.
  • If you have already registered but would like to change your account details (such as adding access to NRT products) please visit this page and click "Verify Email or Update Info":
  • The PPS FTP does not work with the Safari web browser due to the way it handles FTP authentication. It is recommended you use another web browser such as Chrome or Firefox, or use the command line or a dedicated FTP client application (Click here for a list of possible FTP clients. NASA does not endorse any of these applications, they are listed merely as a suggestion).