Rain Averages and Anomalies

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Average Rainfall for the Last 30 Days


Rainfall Anomalies for the Last 30 Days

The ENSO Precipitation Index (ESPI) for the last 30 days is -0.11

ESPI is calcuated with precipitation anomalies from two areas (Figure 1) in the Pacific Ocean and quantifies the strength of ENSO, in terms of regional rainfall changes. A detailed summary of the methodology can be found at http://trmm.gsfc.nasa.gov/ESPIsummary.html. Time series of the bimonthly El Niño Index (EI), La Niña Index Precipitation Index (ESPI) are shown in Figure 2 .

Figure 1:
ENSI Area image

Figure 2:
Bimonthly EL, LI, ESPI