Water Falls - A Science on a Sphere Film

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Even the best movies about science will not confer an academic degree. When they're most effective, they're windows onto new ideas, offering sights, sounds, and new thoughts for consideration about some aspect of the physical universe.
GPM is a massive multinational mission utilizing a fleet of spacecraft, sophisticated ground based data processing systems, and years of planning. To capture the essence of this immense undertaking and introduce it to broad audiences, NASA's GPM project office decided to do something out of the box.
It turned to a sphere, and Water Falls is the result.
Designed for playback specifically on spherical screens (as opposed to traditional rectangular movie or television screens), the project immediately demanded an abstract, poetic presentation of its subject. In our daily lives, perhaps no tangible substance is as easily transmuted as water. It slides, shifts, evaporates, condenses, and easily transforms many materials with which it interacts. 
For a mission designed to gather vast quantities of data about immense quantities of water, the production team aimed at creating an experience that suggested water's ubiquity and endlessly impermanent state. In describing how the astoundingly complex GPM mission works, Water Falls presents a major scientific research initiative to audiences who may have otherwise not known it exists. But aware that modern audiences are also inured to ubiquitous video, Water Falls abstracts the mechanics of that mission. Presented in sensual, evocative, even surprising ways, Water Falls offers vital information about GPM's profound importance.
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Well the rain is about to come down
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Let it pour on me darlin' 
let it roll like the thunder cries