Explore more information about landslides and citizen science through external resources. Information on this page includes disaster safety information, general landslide knowledge, data and related websites, a list of landslide inventories, and related citizen science info at NASA. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Landslide Disaster Safety

  1. Landslide Safety (Red Cross)
  2. Landslides & Debris Flow Emergencies (US DHS)
  3. Landslide Preparedness (USGS)
  4. Disaster Information Management Research Center (NIH)
  5. Homeowners' Guide to Landslides (Washington GS and Oregon DOGAMI)

Learn More about Landslides

  1. Landslide Hazards Program: Learn (USGS): State information, Landslides 101, science briefs, etc.
  2. Types of Landslides (California Geological Survey)
  3. Why Do Landslides Happen? (Washington State DNR)
  4. Lahars (USGS)
  5. Landslide and Landslide Data Visualizations (NASA)
  6. Global Landslide Catalog Video (NASA Goddard Media Studios)
  7. Landslides Toolkit (NASA)
  8. Landslides Data Pathfinder (NASA)

External Landslide Data and More Information

  1. US Geological Survey (USGS) Landslide Hazards Program
  2. NASA Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Landslide Applications
  3. NASA Earth Science Disasters Program
  4. NASA Disasters Mapping Portal

Citizen Science @ NASA

  • NASA Citizen Science: List of NASA citizen science projects
  • NASA Solve: Opportunities to participate in challenges, prize competitions, and citizen science activities at NASA
  • Open.NASA: Use NASA's data, code, and APIs, participate in programs and challenges, and learn about Open Government and Open Data to spur innovation

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