GPM Views Super Typhoon Jebi Twice

UPDATE 8/31/18

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Having peaked in intensity, Typhoon Jebi is a Category 5 Super Typhoon with maximum winds estimated around 142 knots. It is beginning an eyewall replacement cycle with a gap between the outer and inner eyewalls appearing somewhat in the DPR. The storm's strength is expected to fluctuate but remain well above Category 3 for the next two days before it turns northward toward Japan. It will likely have widespread impacts on Southern Honshu in around 4 days time, an area that has already struggled with rainfall, typhoons, and intense heat this summer.


UPDATE 8/30/18

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Spinning up near to Typhoon Cimaron just over a week prior, Typhoon Jebi is near the completion of a rapid intensification cycle, reaching Hurricane force just over 24 hours prior. In this overflight, the storm has maximum sustained winds around 135 knots, with a small symmetrical eye. The storm is in favorable conditions for maintaining its intensity, with good outflow and very warm sea surface temperatures. It is expected to take a similar track to its predecessor, Cimaron, making landfall in Southern Honshu in approximately 5 days time. It is a constant refrain in events from this summer, but this region has already seem numerous natural disasters and impacts from this storm are likely to be greater than even those from Cimaron.

Interactive visualization by Matt Lammers (KBRwyle / NASA GSFC)