IMERG Early Run Example January 24th, 2020

Data News

The following is a clarification on the current status of Version 06 and Version 07 IMERG data. Production of V06 Early and Late datasets ceased on 3 June. After overcoming significant hardware, software, and data feed challenges, PPS instituted “Initial Processing” (that is, processing of new data) for Early and Late starting with 00:00 UTC on 1 June. “Retrospective Processing” (that is, processing of the record of previous data) is complete for Early from June 2000 through December 2023. Retrospective Processing is on-going for Late, with parallel runs starting with June 2000 and June 2014...
At 01:45 UTC 12 June, JAXA resumed their processing of GPM radar products, which allowed PPS to catch up the downstream GPM DPR products that they compute, as well as computing the Combined product. Fortunately, through the processing outage the JAXA-NASA data line continued to operate, providing the ancillary data that GPROF and IMERG needed to continue uninterrupted near real-time processing.
The PPS is now receiving AMSR2 data and JMA forecasts from JAXA, which means that GPROF and IMERG Early and Late products will continue being produced. The GPM radar and combined products are still unavailable due to the JAXA system issues. The PPS has also worked with partners at CSU to develop a new method of processing GPROF that will allow continued production even if no JMA forecast files are received, in the event of a future outage.
Due to an unexpected JAXA system failure the PPS is not receiving GPM DPR Ku and Ka L1B data as well as AMSR2 data. As a result, the PPS cannot produce the GPM radar or combined datasets. The PPS is also not receiving JMA 6 hourly forecasts, and as a result after 12:00 UTC on June 11, 2024 the PPS will not be able to produce the GPROF or IMERG products. JAXA estimates that their systems will start running again by 03:00 UTC 12 June, at which point production of the above products at the PPS will resume. Please check back here for further updates, and contact us with any questions.
The new V07B IMERG Late and Early Run products commenced processing around 1300 UTC on 6 June 2024, starting with data for 0000 UTC on 1 June 2024. It will take a number of hours for the days before 6 June to be processed, after which users should see the normal latencies of 4 and 12 hours for Early and Late, respectively. Note that the polar regions are initially largely set to "missing" in the Early Run because input data for times before 1 June that would normally be used for forward morphing are not provided as part of the startup.

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