Rain Brought Brief Relief to Australia
For much of the 2019-2020 austral summer, plumes of bushfire smoke have billowed from southeastern Australia in such large amounts that the ground was barely visible in satellite images. In mid-January, some of those plumes were finally quelled by a few days of much-needed rainfall.

Flooding Hits Southeastern Brazil

In the last week the South American Convergence Zone (SACZ) has caused heavy rains and severe floods in Southeastern Brazil's states Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo and Rio de Janeiro. NOAA's Hydrological Prediction Center (HPC) is forecasting an intensification of the SACZ in the next days over that area. Flooding and mudslides from days of heavy rain in southeastern Brazil has forced thousands to flee their homes. Rainfall estimates from the TRMM-based, near-real time Multi-satellite Precipitation Analysis (TMPA) at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center are shown above for the week from 30