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Gauge Combination Error in 2016, Affects 3B42/43 and IMERG Final Run

We have discovered that the gauge analysis was erroneously omitted from the "production" 3B42/43 products starting with January 2016 due to issues with handling a change of data format. Thus, the production 3B42/43 are being re-computed. This does not affect the TMPA-RT suite of products, since no month-to-month gauge data are used. Note this issue also affects the current Version 3 IMERG Final Run products for January 2016. They are being recomputed as well. The current Version 3 IMERG Early and Late Runs are not affected. An update will be provided here when the corrected products are ready.
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CoCoRaHs Raingauge before storm
By Ellen Gray, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Original www.nasa.gov Press Release (published 2/6/13) NASA and the Community, Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network (CoCoRaHS) run by Colorado State University, Fort Collins, invite the public to participate in a free webinar to promote citizen science that involves rain and snow measurements across the United States. CoCoRaHS rain gauge after a storm. Image Credit: Henry Reges / CoCoRaHS HQ CoCoRaHS is a citizen scientist network with more than 16,000 volunteers nationwide that encourages volunteers of all ages to record and monitor...