GPM V05B IMERG Products Announcement

Starting the week of November 20, PPS will generate and release Version 05B of the GPM IMERG Final products.  The Version 05A GPM IMERG Final products with data dates between March and October 2014 products are valid HDF5 science products.  However, these products yield errors when opened with NetCDF4 utilities and library.

To satisfy the requirements of the NetCDF4 users, PPS will release Version 05B GPM IMERG Final products starting next week.  All the contents, data format, data server address and documents are unchanged.  If you are a HDF5 user, you can keep using these Version 05A products or retrieve the new Version 05B IMERG Final products depending on your preference.  If you are a NetCDF4 user, please use this Version 05B GPM IMERG final products, and refer to the data server and documents in the release announcement of the Version 05A GPM IMERG Final products.

Please note that processing begins with the earliest IMERG datasets (beginning with March 2014) and it takes several weeks to fully populate the directories, so users may not see the V05B products immediately.

Please contact us for any questions.