IMERG V05B Retrospective Processing and SAPHIR precipitation

Effective 27 January 2018 all the IMERG Early products have a retrospective V05B processing for the entire GPM mission starting in March 2014. All V04 products have been saved in a V04 directory. V03 products are no longer available.

Effective 27 January 2018 IMERG Late products have a retrospective V05B processing from the beginning of the mission in March 2014 to January 2017.  We continue to process Late products and they should be completed in another week.

We are also working on retrospective processing to V05B of the GIS friendly TIFF IMERG based products.  These should all be at V05B in approximately 3 weeks from this message date.

On 26 January starting 08:00 UTC, PPS began regularly processing a precipitation retrieval from the SAPHIR cross-track scanning radiometer on the Megha-Tropiques mission. These products are available on the PPS NRT server (jsimpson) in the /NRTPUB/PRPS directory.  The Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD) is not currently available but will be provided within a week. It will be located in /NRTPUB/documentation.  The file specifications can be retrieved from the website