Level 2- Level 3 GPROF for MHS, NPP Partner Data transitioning to Version 05C (V05C)

Starting with data date October 01, 2017, the Level 2-Level 3 GPROF data for METOPA, METOPB, NOAA18, NOAA19 (MHS) and NPP ATMS partner products will be running new code and produced as product version V05C.  These code changes are relatively minor and primarily affect the outer edges of the swath. 

Processing of the V05C data will start tomorrow on Wednesday October 04, 2017.

Notable changes include :
The V05C GPROF of the Cross-track sensors allows for more usable pixels on the outside of the MHS and ATMS scans as compared to the previous version.
For MHS pixels 1 - 5, and 86 - 90 are set to missing. For ATMS pixels 1-9 and 86 – 96 are set to missing.

The previous version set these Pixels to quality Flag =3, but upon further examination, the rainrates of the outside pixel positions should NEVER be used, so these pixels are set to missing in V05C.

As this Level 2 - Level 3 GPROF data becomes available these will appear both in STORM:
and on arthurhou:

Additionally, since we are going to start TRMM era MHS and NPP processing shortly, we will be reprocessing the entire Level 2-Level 3 MHS and NPP dataset as V05C.  
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