Mission Updates

New GPM NRT Swath Product Browser

With the GPM Version 04 Update, PPS is also rolling out an interactive GPM NRT Viewer. This tool displays NRT Level 1C GMI, Level 2A GPROF, and Level 2A DPR data as soon as it is available in the NRT archive on a three-dimensional globe. 

Fields such as brightness temperature and surface precipitation rate are available for visualization, comparison, and improved data acquisition decision-making.  You may Leave it running continuously as data refreshes with each segment, or use the navigation dropdown to look at specific events and time periods from the previous twelve hours. 

This viewer is useful for users that don't wish to download the data but look at NRT data as it arrives. Perhaps as a result of seeing something interesting they may also wish to ftp the data.  The viewer gives another approach for using GPM NRT data.

Explore GPM NRT data as not possible previously. The viewer is available at:


Please make sure that you have the latest version of a browser that support the https protocol well.

Your username and password for STORM is the same that you use to access NRT data.