PPS is Releasing Version 05 GPM IMERG Final Products on Monday November 13, 2017

Starting on Monday November 13, 2017, PPS will generate Version 05 GPM IMERG Final products. The V05 IMERG Final products will be available both in STORM:

and on "arthurhou":

NASA requires that science users register at:
to access PPS data services.

PPS will reprocess the V05 IMERG Final products back to data date March 12, 2014.  All users are encouraged to retrieve the V05 IMERG Final products to ensure that they use the most recent products.

The V04 IMERG orders will be processed and distributed through November 12, 2017. With the start of V05 IMERG processing, the V04 IMERG Final products will only be accessible from our arthurhou archives: ftp://arthurhou.pps.eosdis.nasa.gov/gpmallversions/V04/.

The V05 GPM IMERG product release notes and other documentation can be found on the PPS public website at https://pps.gsfc.nasa.gov/GPMprelimdocs.html
Other documentation (IMERG V05 ATBD) can be found at:
on the PPS public website:

We will include any new information in a future announcement. 

Users should be aware that the PPS Near-realtime (NRT) Early and Late IMERG products will continue at V04 (but using V05 input) until December 2017. When the PPS NRT IMERG switches to V05, a new announcement will be sent out.   

Please contact us if you have any questions.