PPS is Reprocessing TRMM PR Data as TRMM GPM, Version 06A HDF5 products in Early July 2018

The TRMM Version 7 Precipitation Radar (PR) products will be superseded by new GPM era products with a reprocessing that will generate TRMM retrievals from the beginning of the TRMM mission to the end of data collection using a single frequency retrieval algorithm similar to that used for GPM Ku. This reprocessing will begin in early July, 2018.

Retrievals previously available in the TRMM Version 7 products 2A21, 2A23, 2A25, and 3A25 will be available in the new 2APR and 3PR products. Note that these new GPM era products are in HDF5 format and similar in structure to those used for GPM DPR products. Please see the TRMM HDF5 Primer <https://pps.gsfc.nasa.gov/Documents/TRMM_HDF5_Primer.pdf> for information on moving from TRMM Version 7 HDF4 products to TRMM GPM Version 06A HDF5  products. Many third party tools such as IDL and Matlab have native routines to read HDF5 data.

The Version of the PPS I/O Toolkit used will be TKIO 3.80.44 or later for these radar products.  A separate announcement will be sent for those using the TKIO to access the HDF data products. 

In order to synchronize processing versions with the upcoming GPM DPR
reprocessing (06A) the new TRMM radar products will also be Version V06A.

Note that PPS STORM data ordering is only applicable to the latest processing version and TRMM Version 7 data will be removed from STORM as new V06A HDF5 products are generated. TRMM Version 7 HDF4 products will continue to be available as well as the new HDF5 products at PPS by FTP (ftp://pps.gsfc.nasa.gov). The new TRMM HDF5 products can be found under the /gpmdata group as TRMM products are now considered part of GPM.

TRMM experienced extended data gaps due to the satellite altitude increase in 8/2001, the A to B hardware switch in 5-6/2009 and during the deorbit period in late 2014-2015.  For a listing of empty and partial granules in Version 7,  users can consult our PPS TRMM Anomalous Granule Table:

The GPM Spacecraft Data Discrepancies and Anomalous Events Table for GPM Version 05 can be found at: