Mission Updates

PPS Web Services Restored

PPS web services are now functioning normally.  PPS has identified and fixed the previous production web server problem which caused the  intermittent unavailability and/or slow response times experienced for the last few days.

If you experience any further problems or inconsistencies with PPS web services including: 

  • ftp://arthurhou.pps.eosdis.nasa.gov (GPM FTP data)
  • http://pps.gsfc.nasa.gov (PPS home page) 
  • https://storm-pps.gsfc.nasa.gov (PPS STORM)
  • http://registration.pps.eosdis.nasa.gov (PPS GPM registration) 
  • http://ceospc.gsfc.nasa.gov

Once again,  we sincerely appreciate everyone's extended patience and understanding during this time.