Mission Updates

Recent IMERG Anomalies

Below are a few recent satellite anomalies of note that may have affected the quality of the IMERG precipitation products.

10 May 2016:  The data flow from the Himawari-8 GEO satellite was interrupted for 57 hours, 7 May, 05 UTC – 9 May, 14 UTC and during that time there is a continuous zone of missing values in the IR precipitation data in the center of the Himawari-8 sector (over Japan), where data from the adjoining GEO satellites are unable to fill the gap.  The IR-based displacement vectors were therefore computed using the standard fallback of spatial interpolation.

20 April 2016:  Beginning with 5 April 0823 UTC the SSMIS F17 37V channel experienced intermittent noisy values.  Several days of bad data were used in V3 Early and Late processing (detectable by notable swaths of uniform high precipitation over land).  Beginning 26 April 1727 UTC, V3 GPROF-SSMIS F17 retrievals are run excluding the 37V channel.  The quality is somewhat less, but judged to be better than the alternatives (morphed or IR).