Mission Updates

Replacement GPM Gridded Text Products

For V05 we produced a daily gridded text product for precipitation data from the core satellite and from the partner constellation imagers.  We also produced a monthly rollup of these gridded text products. They were all designated with the product version V05A.  If you downloaded these products, we regret to inform you that we found an error in the calculation of convection rate and frozen rate. While the mean precipitation rate values were correct in V05A, convective and frozen rates were erroneous.

We have made the necessary changes to the code that produces these products. After extensive analysis and comparison with the individual GPROF level 3 products we are confident that convective and frozen rates are now correctly calculated. As a result the gridded text products for the core satellite and the constellation imager satellites will be rerun.  V05A products will be withdrawn and replaced with V05B products. This data version will appear on both the daily products and the monthly rollups.

At the same time we have verified that the gridded text products of precipitation retrievals from the partner constellation sounders are correctly calculated. We have also verified that the monthly rollups are correct. So, we will release for the first time in version 5 the sounder gridded text products. They will have the data product version of V05A. 

Please contact us for any questions.