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Replacement GPM Ka/Ku L1B products (2017-11-28) for Orbit 21313

PPS received replacement GPM Ka/Ku L1B products from JAXA and will reprocess the affected data including Level 2 and 3 data.

If you have already obtained products with orbit# 21313 from our archive or through a standing order, etc., please discard and use the replacement products.

PPS has replaced the following GPM Ka/Ku L1B data:


PPS will reprocess the following L2-3 downstream products:

2ADPR 2A.GPM.DPR.V7-20170308.20171128-S145653-E162926.021313.V05A.HDF5
2AKa 2A.GPM.Ka.V7-20170308.20171128-S145653-E162926.021313.V05A.HDF5
2AKu 2A.GPM.Ku.V7-20170308.20171128-S145653-E162926.021313.V05A.HDF5
2BCMB 2B.GPM.DPRGMI.CORRA2016.20171128-S145653-E162926.021313.V05A.HDF5
2HCSH 2B.GPM.DPRGMI.2HCSHv3-1.20171128-S145653-E162926.021313.V05A.HDF5
2HSLH 2A.GPM.DPR.GPM-SLH.20171128-S145653-E162926.021313.V05A.HDF5
3GCSH 3B-ORBIT.GPM.DPRGMI.3GCSHv3-1.20171128-S145653-E162926.021313.V05A.HDF5
3GSLH 3A-ORBIT.GPM.DPR.GPM-SLH.20171128-S145653-E162926.021313.V05A.HDF5

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