Restart of NOAA-19 MHS in IMERG

25 October 2017  At about 4:57 UTC on 9 October 2017 the NOAA-19 MHS precipitation estimates started displaying artifacts, which was eventually traced to the instrument going into safe mode without shutting down data delivery.  Since this happened over the long Columbus Day weekend, it took until 01:47 UTC on 10 October 2017 to shut down the data stream, so the Early and Late IMERG have these (very obvious) artifacts for almost 24 hours.  No reprocessing is planned.  The sensor resumed operations at 17:31:08 UTC on 16 October 2017, but because the basis for the safe mode was unknown, GPM chose to monitor the data stream at first; GPROF-MHS estimates from NOAA-19 were restarted for the orbit segment beginning 10:32:49 UTC on 25 October 2017.