Mission Updates

TRMM Version 8 Level 1 Reprocessing Will Start Monday Oct. 02, 2017

PPS will start the TRMM version 8 level 1 processing on Monday October 2, 2017.  All products will be produced as GPM version V05.  All the TRMM products are in HDF5 format with internal compression (same as the current GPM products), and will be produced using the PPS Toolkit (TKIO) version 3.80.29.

The TRMM product names will be changing using the GPM naming conventions. The GPM naming convention document can be found at:  https://pps.gsfc.nasa.gov/Documents/FileNamingConventionForPrecipitationProductsForGPMMission.pdf.  TRMM version 8 level 1 products have new identifiers, 1ATMI, 1BTMI, 1AVIRS, 1BVIRS, 1BPR and 1CTRMMTMI. There are no version 8 products identified by 1A01, 1A11, 1B01, 1B11, 1B21 and 1C11.
As a result, the TRMM products will become part of the ongoing GPM product suite. The current file specifications document for these products is available via ftp at the following location:

TRMM version 7 orders will be processed and distributed through October 1st, 2017. With the start of TRMM version 8 level 1 processing, the TRMM version 7 data will no longer be available through STORM: https://storm.pps.eosdis.nasa.gov/storm/ , but they will remain accessible from our arthurhou archives:  ftp://arthurhou.pps.eosdis.nasa.gov/trmmdata/ByDate/V07/

As TRMM version 8 level 1 products become available on October 2, 2017, they will appear both in STORM and on "arthurhou".    

PPS will reprocess the entire TRMM mission life data.  All users are encouraged to retrieve the improved TRMM version 8 level 1 products to ensure that they are using the latest algorithms. The TRMM level 1 product types, start time and end time are listed below:
DataType                                Start of Data                                       End of Data

1ATMI                                   1997-12-07 23:57:17               2015-04-08 15:25:02
1AVIRS                                  1997-12-20 23:57:03               2014-03-21 23:03:44
1BPR                                     1997-12-07 23:57:17               2015-04-01 11:58:38
1BTMI                                   1997-12-07 23:57:17               2015-04-08 15:25:02
1BVIRS                                  1997-12-20 23:57:03               2014-03-21 23:03:44
1CTRMMTMI                           1997-12-07 23:57:17               2015-04-08 15:25:02

All TRMM version 8 level 1 data products will be held until they have been reviewed and verified by the Science Team.  TRMM version 8 level 1 products will be announced and released to the public upon their approval.

The reprocessing of TRMM level 2, level 3 products will be commenced at a later date.  Processing of the L1 products for the GPM constellation satellites will commence upon completion of the TRMM L1 version 8 reprocessing.
TRMM version 8 level 1 release notes and other documentation can be found on the PPS public website at: 

Other level 1 / level 1C documentation can be found at:
on the PPS public website:

Please contact us for any questions.