IMERG Land-Sea Mask Binary

This file is the percent water surface coverage file used for the IMERG products in binary format. It is on a 0.1°x0.1° grid as REAL*4 (3600,1800). The orientation is the same as the IMERG data. The file displays percent water surface coverage with 100% = all water and 0% = all land.

Land sea is also called land ocean or land water. Typical percentage thresholds used to define sea are 100% (strictly open water) or 75% (including sea-ward coast areas). Typical percentages used to define strictly land are 25% or 15%; too low a percentage masks out humid regions that have many lakes and reservoirs. Users should inspect the resulting masks to check that they correspond to the expected map.

Data Organization:

Binary file written in Fortran as IEEE big-endian REAL*4 (3600,1800). The upper left-hand corner of the first grid box is at (90°N , 0°E) with longitude being the most rapidly varying index. 

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