GPM Ka Outage - Current Unavailability of Ka and DPR Data Products

At 07:56:59GMT (3:56:59AM EDT) on April 22, 2020 both units on the Dual Precipitation Radar reset from Observation Mode to Standby Mode. The recovery process is ongoing for the Ka radar and we expect production of all radar products to resume normal operations soon. GMI operations and data products continue to be nominal during this time.

PPS Production:
PPS has put all radar and downstream product distribution on hold. Once products are released users should expect to see some partial and/or fully empty radar products. PPS will provide a complete listing of the anomaly orbits once we have all the information after recovery.

GPM Near-Real-time (NRT):
Ku radar data is continuing to be received and Level-2 Ku products are currently being made available. As of April 26, 2020 the Combined 2BCMB product is using Ku radar and GMI data as input without the Ka data available. Updates will be sent once normal Ka data operations have been restored.