GPM NRT IMERG conversion to V06 and Extended downtime

On 1 May 2019, at approximately 14 UTC, PPS will stop production of IMERG V05 in order to setup and install the new IMERG V06 code for production of early and late products.

This will require an extended period when no IMERG products will be produced or available for users. We estimate an extended period of IMERG unavailability that may last for 5 hours or more.

Upon resumption of IMERG production, V06 will start with data from 1 May
2019 hour 00 UTC. We will reestablish latency of early products to 4 hours, and late products to 14 hours, as soon as possible.

We will also start V06 retro-processing of IMERG early and late products back to the beginning of the GPM mission. These will be available on the server as they are produced.

Please contact us for any questions.