GPM Orbit Raise Burn #1 Complete

The GPM Mission Operations have successfully executed Orbit Raise Burn #1 for the GPM Core Observatory.
The maneuver performance was NOMINAL
Burn #1 Start:  14:19:53 UTC 7 November
Burn #1 End:  14:29:43 UTC 7 November
Duration:  590 seconds
Post-maneuver orbit determination and burn reconstruction have begun.  Burn efficiency will be presented at the CAM tomorrow morning and used in the prediction for Orbit Raise Burn #2 (and final), for which the timing is:
Planned Burn #2 Start:  17:23:16 UTC 8 November
Planned Burn #2 End:  17:33:06 UTC 8 November
Planned Duration:  590 seconds
Note that DPR data will be held pending development of revised algorithms that accommodate post-boost observational parameters; initial release is anticipated in January for near-real-time use.  GMI and associated GPROF retrievals will be coming up once checks with actual data are performed.

For more information on the impacts of the GPM orbit boost maneuvers, please visit our GPM Orbit Boost webpage