GPM Satellite Data Outages During 23-24 March 2022

A mis-set error counter on the Core Observatory provoked a safe hold at 13:31:29 UTC on 23 March 2022, shutting down DPR and GMI observations.  DPR and GMI were restored at 10:54 and 14:54 UTC, respectively on 24 March 2022.  No data were recoverable from the outage period, although IMERG Early and Late continued to be produced (without GMI input, of course).  The same will be true for the Final Run when it is produced.

An outage at FNMOC prevented transmission of DMSP (SSMIS) from 15:51 UTC 23 March 23 to 00:47 UTC 24 March 2022.  Gaps in the data are: F16: 14:34:07-19:29:39, F17: 14:56:24-19:46:48, F18: 14:47:47-19:47:28.  These affect the Early and Late Runs.  The gaps in the CLASS archive, which feeds the Final Run, will be assessed once it is available