GPM V07 Update for Radiometer IC, GPROF and Combined

Effective on May 9, 2022, the GPM near real-time (NRT) algorithm will convert to V07. There are substantial format changes in the combined and GPROF products for all radiometers. The 1C product has some additions to the swath information. Depending upon how you read the 1C files, you may or may not have to make changes in your programs.

Please click here for the GPM V07 file specification document, where all the format changes and their meaning are described. For those using GPROF and combined products, please read the file specifications.

There were no calibration changes in GMI, but SSMIS 1C had some adjustments.

The IMERG products will remain at V06 until July / August 2022.  So, in spite of the V07 upgrade of the other products on May 9, IMERG and IMERG-GIS users do not yet have to worry about a change in format.

It is recommended that you still study the file specification document, as when V07 IMERG is updated there will be some format and variable name changes.