IMERG V07 Final Processing has Begun

Retrospective processing of IMERG V07 Final Run has commenced as of July 2023 using the new IMERG V07 algorithm. The TRMM and GPM eras are being processed in parallel, starting at the beginning of each dataset, with a projected end date no later than Nov. 2023. IMERG V06 and V07 are sufficiently different that users are discouraged from mixing data from the two versions. V07 Early and Late Run processing will commence after the Final Run is completed. The projected timeline for IMERG V07 processing is shown in the figure below.


IMERG download links are listed on the GPM website Data Directory, which point to archives hosted at the Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC) and the Precipitation Processing System (PPS), as well as several interactive visualization tools.
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