IMERG V07 Final Run Retrospective Processing Completed

As of Aug. 30, 2023, the entire available record of archived TRMM, GPM Core Observatory, partner satellite, and ancillary data has been retrospectively processed for the IMERG V07 Final Run dataset, covering June 2000 - April 2023.  

Initial processing (i.e., with newly arrived data) will extend the Final Run record as additional months of data are received, typically 3.5 months after the near real-time products, which users can determine by checking the IMERG Final Run data listings on the PPS or GES DISC GPM data sources (a full listing of GPM data downloads and sources can be found in the GPM Data Directory). 

Please note that retrospective processing and the start of initial processing for the Early and Late Runs will occur as possible, given other high priority actions that are pending at the PPS.