PPS Announces Conversion of 3B42 / 3B43 (TMPA) products to HDF5

PPS is converting all of the V7 TMPA 3B42 and 3B43 data products to the HDF5 format.  These products will be available from the PPS archive after the products are produced and archived at:

The data will be located under the 'trmmdata'  directory along side of the current HDF4 products and also through STORM (PPS's Online Data Ordering Interface): 

Please note that the file name will match the HDF4 file name with the exception of the file extension which will be HDF5.  Also, as HDF5 uses internal compression, there will be no gzipped files in the archive.

If you are not already registered with PPS, you can go to our registration portal at: 

NASA/GSFC requires this mandatory and simple step.

Starting on June 1, 2020 PPS will start STORM support for HDF5 and cease support of HDF4.  There will only be ONE version of the 3B42/3B43 products visible in STORM at any one time.  Users wishing to order the HDF5 products using STORM will need to wait until after June 1, 2020.  Products will be available directly from the PPS archive as soon as they are processed.

The following datasets will be converted to HDF5:

DataType             DataStart                             DataStop
3B42                     1997-12-31 22:30:00    2019-12-31 22:29:59
3B43                     1998-01-01 00:00:00     2019-12-31 22:29:59   

We thank you for your attention.  Please inform us if you have any questions or concerns.