PPS Announces GPM IMERG V06 Data Availability Starting after 3/13/2019

Starting  this week (Wednesday March 13, 2019 or soon after) PPS will commence GPM IMERG data reprocessing for IMERG V06.  PPS will start reprocessing with the GPM-era data and will make these products available as they are archived.

Thereafter, we will reprocess the TRMM-era data.  The first available products for the GPM-era will start with June 2014. TRMM-era products will span June 2000 - May 2014.   Earlier TRMM-era processing, 1998-01 to 2000-05, will proceed when all required input data have been provided.

We have attached the latest IMERG documentation for your convenience.

Developers and science users should use the latest PPS TKIO Toolkit Version 3.93 https://pps.gsfc.nasa.gov/gpmtoolkit.html

These TRMM/GPM data products will be made available through PPS's "arthurhou" ftp archive:
and STORM (PPS's Online Data Ordering Interface):
after these products are produced and archived.

Please consult the following PPS public web pages for complete


NASA requires that all science data users register in order to access these products.   If you haven't registered, please visit the PPS registration portal at: 

Thank you for your attention.  Please inform us if you have any questions or concerns.