Resumption of radar and combined NRT products

On 16 January 2024, JAXA MOS will begin sending an NRT version of L1B Ku and Ka radar.  PPS NRT will begin producing L2 KU, KA, and DPR radar products. It will  also begin producing combined GMI/radar products.

All these products will have the data version V07X. The X is to designate that this is not the final code for radar products including boost  adjustments but an early one to allow resumption of GPM NRT.  The final version will arrive in March 2024.

The algorithm versions for the radar products will also change.  So, if you retrieve radar products based on file names, you should not use the algorithm ID/Version.  The new algorithm ID/Versions for the radar are: 


KA-  V920231226

KU-  V920231226

No change in the combined algorithm ID/version.

JAXA has determined that this early version, while it may have some limitations, is sufficiently good to be used for NRT applications.  The release notes for V07X can be retrieved via:

V07X includes the initial changes to address the raised altitude after the November 2023 GPM core satellite boost.

GPM PPS will begin distributing radar/combined V07X products on 16 January as soon as all processing is verified and any issues dealt with. 

Please contact us for any questions.