Status of IMERG V07 Final Run Reprocessing

PPS has begun to generate the IMERG V07 Final data product. In the coming months, PPS will create IMERG V07 Final  files for the entire period of record, which starts in June 2000. 

PPS will finish reprocessing Version 07 Final IMERG before starting to generate the V07 near real-time (NRT) IMERG data products. The  NRT IMERG data products are IMERG Early (with 4-hour latency) and IMERG Late (with 14-hour latency). Early and Late IMERG  reprocessing is currently scheduled to begin in November 2023, and it will take PPS several months to create the full period of record (June 2000 to present). 

Please keep in mind that some of the variables names and the folder structure has changed in Version 07 IMERG HDF5 files compared with Version 06 IMERG HDF5 files. In contrast, the format of the IMERG GIS files (GeoTIFF files) generated by PPS will not change in Version 07. These file formats are described in section 5.59 of the GPM file specification and the IMERG GIS README file

Our schedule for the Version 07 IMERG release is as follows: