Status of IMERG V07 Reprocessing and GPM Near Real-Time

The IMERG algorithm team has finalized the IMERG V07 algorithm for the final product. This is the one that is generated with a 3 month latency.  PPS has started the reprocessing and  processing of V07 IMERG final. The V07 reprocessed final files will soon be available from PPS.

The algorithm team has requested that the entire TRMM/GPM era IMERG-final product be reprocessed before the near real-time (NRT) early (4 hour latency) or late (14 hour latency) products are produced at V07. This will allow them to use the final IMERG product to update ancillary files used as part of the early and late NRT IMERG.

Current timeline suggests that V07 IMERG in NRT (early and late products) will start in the late October 2023/early November 2023 timeframe.  So, while the final IMERG is currently being reprocessed in V07, it will be a while until the NRT IMERG also uses the new algorithms.

Please remember there are format changes in V07 IMERG and you will need to know these when using the V07 IMERG final product.  NRT will continue at V06 for a while longer.