Status of TMPA and TMPA-RT

As previously announced, with the recent release of the long-record V06B IMERG Early, Late, and Final products in late summer of 2019, processing of the TMPA-RT and TMPA products is ending, with December 2019 being the final month of data.  This means that TMPA-RT products have already ceased production and the TMPA products will end with December 2019 (expected by March 2020).  Thanks go to the PPS team, who managed to keep some really old computer hardware alive long enough to meet this goal!

These legacy products will continue to be hosted at PPS and GES DISC to allow users sufficient time to transition to the current IMERG datasets.  These archives remain the same, except that with the demise of the system that hosted the TRMM-RT archive at PPS, the data are now located at  Note that if you have not previously requested a (free and automatic) account on "arthurhou", you will be prompted to do so the first time.  Questions on the new location of TMPA-RT may be directed to the PPS help desk (