Transitioning to NRT Ku/Ka/DPR V07

At approximately 10:30 UTC 5 December 2021 until about 00:30 UTC 6 December. The GPM near realtime will be transitioning its software to product V07 radar products.  The V07 radar products have a different format from V06.  Users should point their browsers to  and get the V07 file specification document that provides the new format for V07 radar products.

The radiometer products will remain at their current V05 until at least February 2022. There are some format changes in the L1C V07 radiometer products and substantial changes in the GPROF data presentation. Again the V07 file specifications  will provide the details of the changes. However, radiometer data will REMAIN at V05 until at least February 2022.

In the GPM NRT PPS will attempt to produce a hybrid combined product that uses data from V05 GMI 1C and V07 Ku/Ka/DPR products.  However, this may not be available immediately after the system comes up.

We estimate that worse case there will be a 3-4 hour unavailability of radar data. We will try to  keep running the current versions of radiometer and IMERG early and late data throughout the transitioning of radar and combined algorithms to the new V07 products.

Please contact us for any questions.