Upcoming GPM Near Real-Time Server Updates and Start of IMERG V07 Early and Late Processing

On June 1, 2024, the Precipitation Processing System (PPS) will be performing updates and maintenance on the GPM near real-time (NRT) servers.  As a result, GPM NRT data will not be produced during this time and it's expected that the GPM NRT servers will be inaccessible for several hours.  In event of anomalies during the update process, the servers may be down for a few days. 

In addition, the following updates are planned for IMERG V07:

  • On June 1, 2024, hour 00, IMERG V07 Early and Late will begin production at the PPS (Initial Processing [IP]).  Any June 1 data generated before the V07 update should be ignored.
  • Retrospective processing (RP) back to 2000 of IMERG V07 Early and Late data products will begin on May 6, 2024.  It will take some time for these files to be made fully available on the jsimpson distribution server.
  • For those that want to test the new V07 format, you can get IMERG Final, which has been at V07 since late 2023.  The format is the same for the Final, Late, and Early products.  Visit the GPM Data Directory for a full list of IMERG data downloads.
  • The IMERG V07 NRT production is currently being tested.  Currently, the update is not expected to impact the IMERG product.  However, IMERG data availability would be impacted in the event of failures or anomalies in the sever update process.  

Please contact us for any questions.