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Tropical Storm Tembin Rainfall Added To IMERG Analysis

Tropical storm Tembin moved over the Philippine island of Mindanao on Friday December 22, 2017. Tembin added to the death and destruction already caused by tropical storm Kai-Tak that hit the central Philippines less than a week ago. Tembin brought heavy rainfall that resulted in more deadly flooding and landslides. At least eight deaths in the Philippines have been blamed on tropical storm Tembin.

 Tropical Storm Tembin Rainfall Added To IMERG Analysis

Rainfall totals in this accumulation analysis were updated to include IMERG data from both tropical storms Kai-Tak and Tembin. This rainfall analysis shows rainfall accumulation estimates from IMERG data that were generated during the period from December 13-22, 2017. Tropical cyclones Kai-Tak and Tembins approximate positions and dates at those locations are shown overlaid in white. Tembin's track was much farther south than that of tropical storm Kai-Tak. Tropical storm Kai-Tak moved slowly over the east-central Philippines while Tembin moved fairly quickly across the southern Philippines. Therefore, Kai-Tak's rainfall totals were much higher than those that occurred with tropical storm Tembin.

Interaction with the Philippine's terrain caused Tembin to weaken. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) predicted that Tembin would move over southern Palawan by December 23. Tembin is then predicted to strengthen to typhoon intensity as it is invigorated by the warm waters of the Sulu Sea and then the South China Sea. Increased vertical wind shear is then expected to weaken Tembin to tropical storm intensity as it approaches southern Vietnam on about December 25.

  • Images and caption by Hal Pierce (SSAI/NASA GSFC)