Final Reminder: FTP Access on PPS's 'arthurhou' Production Server, will End On January 19, 2021

This is the final reminder that starting on Tuesday January 19, 2021, PPS will transition from FTP access to FTPS access (main method) and HTTPS access (secondary method) for data transfer from the PPS's 'arthurhou' GPM Production data server

Elimination of the less secure 'ftp' protocol is mandated by NASA/ GSFC security policy.  This change will require PPS data users to retrieve data using alternative methods and tools. Please note that 'arthurhou' already supports FTPS and HTTPS data transfers.

Details of how to access PPS FTPS and HTTPS services can be found at the links below:

We encourage all PPS data users to test and utilize the FTPS and HTTPS access methods before the January 19, 2021 deadline. Doing so will help to minimize possible problems or confusion.

Thank you for your attention regarding this crucial transition. Please contact us if you have any questions.