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Laying the Groundwork - First Photos from the Field!


Ellen Gray

GPM's ground validation scientist, Walt Petersen sent us our first photos from the CARE site in Ontario, Canada. Snow's already on the ground, now we're just waiting for more to fall!

The ADMIRARI instrument in the snow at the GCPEx CARE site The University of Bonn ADMIRARI Radiometer deployed at the CARE site. It measures microwaves that are naturally emitted from Earth's surface to determine water vapor and cloud and liquid water in the air column.

Credit: NASA / Walt Petersen


The D3R instrument at the GCPEx CARE site The NASA D3R radar deployed at the CARE site. This radar scans the air column for snow falling from the clouds to the ground. It uses two frequencies that together can determine the shape and size of snowflakes, and the distribution of those sizes throughout the clouds and snowing area.

Credit: NASA / Walt Petersen


Scientists at GCPEx looking at a radar screen Dave Hudak (center) demonstrates the Environment Canada radar display in the operations trailer. Looking on are Walt Petersen (left) and Mark Kulie (right).

Credit: NASA / Walt Petersen