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5th International GPM Ground Validation Workshop

Group photo of attendees at the 5th International GPM Ground Validation Workshop in Ontario

The 5th International Workshop for GPM Ground Validation (GV) hosted by Environment Canada was held on July 10-12, 2012, in Toronto, Canada. The primary objectives of the workshop were to improve understanding of high-latitude GV priorities and practices, identify and prioritize remaining issues with algorithm development, increase coordination amongst international partners, and improved understanding of how such information can be incorporated into GPM retrieval algorithms. 

Over 80 participants from 15 nations attended the workshop to report on cooperative ground validation activities supporting GPM algorithm development, results from joint field campaigns, and scientific findings using ground validation data.  The workshop concluded with a plan for action for the development of consensus standards for three tiers of GPM Ground Validation Sites for post-launch product evaluation.

Learn more: http://www.5th-gpm-gv-workshop-2012.org/