GPM in Final Orbit, DPR Calibration Continues

The Global Precipitation Measurement mission's Core Observatory is performing normally. On April 2, the GPM Core Observatory fired its thrusters for an 80-second delta-V burn that accelerated the spacecraft and circularized its orbit. The Core Observatory is now flying in its final orbit, 253 miles (407 kilometers) above Earth's surface.

Calibration of the Dual-frequency Precipitation Radar (DPR) and GPM Microwave Imager (GMI) continued. On March 30 and 31, additional DPR external calibrations took place using the Active Radar Calibration site in Tsukuba, Japan. For the March 31 calibration test, the Core Observatory's orientation was changed by a 90-degree turn (yaw) and a slight tilt (pitch) to provide better visibility to the ground site at Tsukuba and to better calibrate the instrument.