Successful Completion of KDP-C Review

GPM has successfully completed the GPM Mission Key Decision Point - C (KDP-C) Review on December 2, 2009, which formally confirms the Implementation phase of the GPM Mission. 

Key Decision Point C (KDP-C) is the agency-level approval for the project to begin implementation, and baselines the project’s official schedule and budget.

The review process for KDP-C starts with the Preliminary Design Review/Non-Advocate Review (PDR/NAR) to the project’s Standing Review Board (SRB). Next, the project and SRB report to the GSFC Center Management Council at the Confirmation Readiness Review (CRR). Based on the results of that review, GSFC makes a recommendation to the Science Management Directorate (SMD) at NASA Headquarters. A Confirmation Review is held for the SMD, and after successful completion, the KDP-C review is held by the Agency Program Management Council.