Another Possible Tropical Cyclone Approaches Oman

TRMM image of tropical cyclone aproaching Oman

On November 2011 at 1541 UTC the TRMM satellite passed over another stormy area heading toward Oman from the Arabian sea . Another tropical cyclone may be forming in this area less than a week after deadly tropical storm Keila hit Oman. A rainfall analysis from TRMM's Microwave Imager (TMI) and Precipitation Radar (PR) is shown in the image above. Rainfall derived from PR data, shown in a lighter shade, reveals that an area of extremely heavy rainfall was located in the center of this stormy area.

TRMM radar image of tropical cyclone aproaching Oman

TRMM's PR data were again used to show the 3-D structure of this stormy area. Some of these very powerful storms were towering to heights of about 17km (~10.6 miles). Radar Reflectivity values of over 55 dBZ within these storms is additional evidence of very heavy rainfall.