Status of IMERG Version 06 and 07 Data

The following is a clarification on the current status of Version 06 and Version 07 IMERG data.

  • Production of V06 Early and Late datasets ceased on 3 June.
  • After overcoming significant hardware, software, and data feed challenges, PPS instituted “Initial Processing” (that is, processing of new data) for Early and Late starting with 00:00 UTC on 1 June.
  • “Retrospective Processing” (that is, processing of the record of previous data) is complete for Early from June 2000 through December 2023.
  • Retrospective Processing is on-going for Late, with parallel runs starting with June 2000 and June 2014.
  • Early and Late for the early months of 2024 will be produced as the Final is produced, 3-4 months after the observation month.  Consequently, there will be a gap just before June 2024 until the early Fall.
  • The PPS archive of the native-format data is the most timely, with the GES DISC close behind.  We have found that other access schemes, including Giovanni and Worldview, sometimes fall behind the usual latency.  When this happens, please notify someone – preferably the contact person named in the relevant web page, but with more lag using the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of this page.
  • If you have hard-coded pathnames for accessing IMERG data, anyplace the path name has “06”, you should be able to get Version 07 by using “07”.
  • Check the Release Notes for changes to the native HDF5 file format from V06 to V07.  They can be accessed through the link on