PPS GPM Replacement of Combined and Downstream Products December 08, 2016

PPS received replacement PRL1KA/KU files from JAXA. PPS will reprocess the affected data including combined and downstream products (2AKa, 2AKu, 2ADPR, 2BCMB, 2HCSH, 2HSLH, 3GCSH, 3GSLH) from 2016-12-17 16:31:39 -> 2016-12-17 18:04:13. If you have obtained any of these products from our archive or through a Standing Order, etc., please discard these and use the replacement products. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following files and corresponding browse products will be replaced 2A.GPM.Ka.V6-20160118.20161217-S163139-E180413.015932.V04A.HDF5 2A

Delay in Some GMI and Combined

Starting at 16:33 UTC July 6 a filled log directory led to sh commands failing on redirecting logs to be created in that directory. A typo in the cleanup routine failed to clean our all the files after the normal 4 days. As a result they have been accumulating since the beginning of the mission. It is unexpected that the sh failed when it could not redirect anymore. All data products that failed have been created and put in the appropriate directories. However, this will mean a failure in the data latency requirements for some of the GMI L1B and GPROF and a few combined products.