3A Radiometer (GPROF)

3GPROF, 'GPROF Profiling', produces global 0.25 degree x 0.25 degree gridded means using Level 2 Gprof data. Vertical hydrometeor profiles and surface rainfall means are computed. Various pixel counts are also reported. The PI is Joyce Chou. The product can be monthly or daily.

Processing Level
Dates Covered
June 2000 - Present
Data Simple Description
Gridded rainfall estimates from GPM GMI, TRMM TMI, and constellation microwave radiometers
Minimum Latency
Daily (research)
Spatial Resolution
0.25 Degree
Current Algorithm Version
Date Last Updated
April 17th, 2018
Document Description

GPROF V05 is the rainfall algorithm used in TRMM V8. It matches in all ways the algorithm from the retrieval for GPM GMI and other satellites in the constellation. The Goddard Profiling Algorithm is a Bayesian approach that nominally uses the GPM Combined algorithm to create it's a-priori databases. Given the importance of these databases to the final product, they are worth reviewing before discussing particular changes to the algorithm. GPROF V03 was implemented at the launch of the GPM mission and thus had no databases from the GPM satellite itself.

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