Constellation Microwave Sensors

Microwave imagers and sounders from the GPM constellation. These instruments have changed over time as satellites launch and go out of service. View the current GPM constellation sensors here:


The 2A GPROF and 2A PRPS algorithms estimate precipitation rate from single orbits brightness temperature data from passive-microwave radiometers.  The algorithms also uses ancillary information about Earth’s atmosphere and surface.

1C Microwave Brightness Temperatures GES DISC

The Level 1C algorithms calculate calibrated brightness temperature values so that the brightness temperature form an individual sensor is consistent with the brightness temperature from other passive-microwave sensors.  Currently, the GPM Microwave Imager (GMI) is the reference instrument for calibrating the other sensors. The 1C data product is the lowest level passive-microwave data product that most researchers are interested in examining, although some instruments have more primitive data products available from the GPM project.