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File Naming Convention for Precipitation Products For the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission

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This document describes the file naming conventions that will be used to name data products produced by the Precipitation Processing System (PPS) for the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission. 

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PPS Network Instability

Presently, PPS web services are experiencing intermittent unavailability and/or slow response times.  PPS is aware of this issue and our System Programmers are working diligently to correct these issues.

The current anomaly affects our arthurhou server which include the PPS Public site , FTP services,  STORM: and THOR (THOR online) , etc.

We hope to have all these services restored to normal as soon as possible and will keep you informed as the situation changes.

PPS Data Outage

Effective about 18 UTC July 21 the GPM MOC stopped sending data to the PPS. This was not a satellite or instrument issue.  The problem appeared to be a network connection issue at the Emergency MOC which is currently receiving data as part of a monthly test of the backup facility.

Effective 21:41 UTC the data flow from the MOC to PPS resumed. Apparently there was a major network issue on that part of the network. It has now been fixed and MOC is sending data again.

Delay in Some GMI and Combined

Starting at 16:33 UTC July 6 a filled log directory led to sh commands failing on redirecting logs to be created in that directory. A typo in the cleanup routine failed to clean our all the files after the normal 4 days. As a result they have been accumulating since the beginning of the mission.  It is unexpected that the sh failed when it could not redirect anymore.  

Recent 3B41RT and 3B42RT Files Reprocessed

NOAA has reprocessed the global IR data for 10 UTC 26 April
through 14 UTC 27 April due to dropped images, and all 3B41RT and
3B42RT files for this time period have been reprocessed by PPS and are
now available:

   3B41RT.2015042610.7.bin.gz through 3B41RT.2015042714.7.bin.gz
   3B42RT.2015042612.7.bin.gz through 3B42RT.2015042715.7.bin.gz

Such partial dropouts in the IR data result in somewhat lower quality for IMERG Early and Late Runs, but are not cause for reprocessing. 


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